• prompt 21 One for our mother tongues NaNoWriMo nanowrimo2017 onwritinghellip
  • prompt 20 This one got stuck in drafts Happens Howhellip
  • prompt 19 For the debate around artificialintelligence What do youhellip
  • prompt 18 Here is for one for all the debatehellip
  • prompt 17 Fast forward life a little bit slow downhellip
  • prompt 16 If you go to our website the promptshellip
  • We missed our november15 prompt for NaNoWriMo Apologies Here ithellip
  • You think animals know more about this world and othershellip
  • Our human experience gets increasingly detached as we sink furtherhellip
  • One for unrequited love Do you have that someone youhellip